Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm Far Too Busy to Write

I have a cold, which means I can't write today. Plus, I heard Sarah Blake read last night (The Postmistress, Amy Einhorn Books) and she's a much better writer than me, so I think today, I'll sit this one out.
Also, my babysitter is off until Thrusday and even though my bunnies are at school for another hour, I should probably pace myself, what with the cold and all.
Besides, these revisions are complicated. There are pages and pages to sort through, and my desk is kind of cluttered which makes the whole matter tremendously complicated.
Not to mention I haven't seen my dentist in a while, and the other day, when I ate something cold (or was it hot??)I felt this subtle pain, which makes me think, today just might be the day I should look up said dentist's phone number so that should I want to schedule an appointment tomorrow (or the day after) I'll be way ahead of the game.
And let's not forget the fish. I've never made this kind of white fish before and all day my head has been spinning with olive oil and lemon vs. egg and bread crumbs. With these pressing matters, can you blame me? Can you?
And finally, let me point out that I am still recovering from the Oscars. Not only did I get to bed far too late Sunday night, but every year, (as certain as Joan Rivers nastiness and George Clooney looking self important and serious) I have had to talk myself off the artistic ledge. (She wrote a screenplay? Why haven't you written a screenplay? Tomorrow Missy, you should wake up bright and early and write a screenplay?)
So there you have it.
Busy, busy, busy.

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